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About a century ago, the Socialist Party of America called for the first national Women’s Day. Over the years movements started and today, March 8 has become the International Women’s Day (IWD) and events take now place in almost all of the world’s countries.

To buck the trend, Thomas Sowell and Peter Robinson dissect the argument that employer discrimination lies at the core of male-female economic differences:

If we become fixed on eliminating male-female income differences, is it the case that the only choice for doing that is to involve the government in redesigning the very nature of the family?

One of the commentators on youtube sets up the following hypothesis:

Liberals need the populace to feel victimized because if they weren’t, then they’d have to take responsibility for their own actions. But why take control of your own life and it’s outcome when you can just blame your shortcomings on your skin color, sexuality, or gender?

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modern pyramids

We will never forget that one day eleven years ago:

Today we feel what Franklin Roosevelt called the warm courage of national unity.

But we should not only commemorate today. We should also stop and think, if only for the novelty of it. ReasonTV asks the question, “When Did Honoring the Dead Become an Occassion for Fleecing the Living?”:

*points to pyramids*

A long time ago. Not surprisingly, a government was involved then too.

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Every once in a while newspapers write about something that happened five, ten, twenty, or fifty years ago. It is a common practice and it helps to understand history and development if you think in those long-term periods.

The other day I read about something that happened exactly five years ago: the launch of the first Apple iPhone.

So I went on the internet and found this video of the presentation of the first iPhone in January of 2007. Former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs presents it and talks about a revolutionary product. And you notice the amazing development private enterprises have achieved when you consider that those things that were outstanding in 2007 are now either common standard or completely outdated. Just compare the audience’s reactions and what you can do with an ordinary cell phone everyday in 2012:

It’s funny how everyone was so amazed when he scrolled down! (16:10 min)

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Free to Choose has been the title of both one of the greatest economics textbooks and television series by economists Milton and Rose D. Friedman. The other day I found the whole collection of ten episodes on youtube. If you have not already read the book, I may suggest to you to get a copy for about $10 and study it. Up until delivery, you may have a look at the TV episodes:

Free to Choose videos

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What if some newscaster said how things really are? This video is 35 years old but as fresh as ever.

Quoting Rudi Carrell:

Newscasters always start with ‘Good evening’. Then they need about 15 minutes to explain why it’s not a good evening.

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It just takes a couple of minutes to get bored or even annoyed by most televised talk shows today. Thanks to youtube and Uncommon Knowledge you no longer have to waste your time watching stupid discussions with Anne Will:

In this 26-minutes video, Dr. Friedman (in contrast to Dr. a.D. Guttenberg he truly deserved his title) explains what libertarianism is all about. This covers among other topics…

  • …why helmet laws should be eliminated,
  • …why airline pilots ought to work without licenses,
  • …why the Food and Drug Administration should be abolished
  • …and which government departments are justified.

It’s always a mystery to me why people think that some experts in a Washington office who don’t know you, don’t know me, don’t know our children, know better than you and I do what we want to have on our packages and what we want our children to know.

If you agree with what he says and especially if you don’t, get yourself a copy of “Free to Choose“. It is probably the greatest books ever written about economics and society.

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