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The Heritage Foundation recently updated its Index of Economic Freedom. You can find the full country rankingĀ here.

With respect to the United States, however, the authors do not provide good news:

Why Does Economic Freedom Matter?

If America’s commitment to economic freedom – not only by its policies but by its leadership in the world – continues to flag, it neglects its national interests and betrays its core principles. In doing so, it also jeopardizes the security, prosperity and liberty not only of the United States but much of the world as well.

While Switzerland has kept the first spot in Europe, Hong Kong is the overall number one. And the United States now barely makes it into the top ten (it was fifth in 2008). No doubt one can debate whether Chile and Mauritius are a better place to be than America. But one cannot deny the decline in freedom that takes place.


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All too rarely I use this blog to share some photos. But my recent trip to Barcelona provided me with a bunch of pictures that may be worth presenting.

The Alps seen from the airplane

Street in Barcelona

Typical house front

Sant Felip Neri




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berlin to zurich

Certainly a good decision to choose Swiss International for the trip to Berlin. The airline’s service is outstanding, its punctuality notorious, and its prices (sometimes) not much higher than what its rivals charge. Besides, you get a piece of Swiss chocolate on each flight.

Here is a bunch of pictures I took on my way back to Zurich:

SWISS Airbus A319

Inside the airplane

Superb combination: beer above the clouds

Aerial perspective while approaching Switzerland

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As seen from my office…

Sunset 1

Sunset 2

Sunset 3

Sunset 4

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For sure money is not everything. But every now and then it helps.

Per capita income and life expectancy, The World Bank data

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east switzerland

Some impressions from our hiking tour through autumnal East Switzerland:

The charming countryside of East Switzerland


Great hiking panorama view


Some cows who can enjoy the view every day


Picturesque foliage

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beauty of fall

Fall has finally arrived, casting Switzerland in a beautiful light.

Autumnal treetops


Swiss farmhouse right next to the university


Grassroot-view of the university's soccer pitch


Sunset as seen from the office

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