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Still Sankt Gallen, still early summer-like weather.

Swiss mountainous scenery

Sankt Gallen - city center

Some old window

Street lamp


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Upcoming Easter weekend and 22°C, time to encounter the beautiful surroundings of Sankt Gallen.

Jogging along paths like these is truly stunning. Hard to resist taking lots of photos.

Beautiful hiking path

You might know this one from the banner at the top of this blog. Though, with upcoming summer and green pastures, it’s much better.

Old Swiss farmhouse

As I did not take my camera with me, I had to use the iPhone. Utilizing an HDR app, results are perhaps a bit artificial. But it’s really beautiful, believe me.

Sunset with HDR

Here’s the jogging track. Some 10.3 km thru a great landscape. It took me -as near as makes no difference- 1:30h.

Jogging track

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Yet another flamboyant sunset in Switzerland:

Sunset in St.Gallen

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Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland, in terms of population (some 364,500 in the city proper and close to one million in the agglomeration area), area, number of large companies, busiest airport and main station. However, it is not the capital. That honor falls to Berne. Anyway, Zurich has been continuously ranked as the city with the highest living standard world-wide and due to its cosmopolitan population it is among the most worthwhile travel destinations. The city features a beautiful old city, the famous Lake Zurich, an an impressive esplanade along Limmat River. However, tourists should notice the freaking price level (e.g. scoop of ice cream 3 euro, bratwurst 5.50 euro, small beer 4.20, small Starbucks coffee 5 euro).

Lake Zurich


Old City

Swiss German bakery

View across Zurich's old city and the Limmatquai street

Panorama view with Limmat (river) in front

Sunset at Limmat

Zurich main station

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First time more than twenty degrees in Sankt Gallen.

Road to Wildpark Rotmonten

Picturesque house near Wildpark Rotmonten

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Sankt Gallen and Saentis in the back

Rosenberg tree

Vernal art

Traditional Swiss farm


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Right next to campus we’ve got a traditional Swiss farm with a beautiful sunset in the back. Admittedly, I should have used a real digicam and also been one or two minutes earlier for this to become a perfect picture. Quite a nice impression though.

Farm and sunset next to St.Gallen campus

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While running for the first time this year I enjoyed the upcoming springlike weather in Sankt Gallen. Using the HDR app for iPhone got me a nice picture of the stunning countryside…

View over the city of St.Gallen with Säntis mountain in the back

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