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final remarks

So, what is left after a dozen postings on New York and Washington?

The simple answer is, a lot. There have been so many weird people, cars, buildings, people – it is impossible to capture all of them. Thus I just like to leave you with another bunch of photos that will shape the end of my second US trip. As I said before, it’s been an amazing experience and in case you’re looking for a memorable holiday – go for NYC and Washington!

Funny NY police car

And you wonder why NYC stinks abominably...?

NYC Subway - highlighting US infrastructure issues

No restorations, no electronic displays, just crap

In Manhattan and using a car

Some random road close to New Jersey

Sky Bar

Empire State at night


And finally, my absolute favorite sign in NYC.

Don't even think...


Hope you enjoyed reading texts and watching all the pictures. If so or if not, leave a comment, donate some money, or just enjoy your weekend!



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If possible you should take your time traveling from New York City to Washington. Using local roads instead of highways saves toll fees, doesn’t take that much longer, and offers you some insights into smaller towns and villages.

You will cross five states: New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware, and the District of Columbia. And remember, this is the United States. So, expect to see many weird signs, people, buildings, cars.


Interstate 95

Speed limit 65 mph - okay for shaking hands

Switching to more local roads

Get rid of bed bugs

Beautiful country road

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wall street

Wall Street. Financial District of New York City. Home of the New York Stock Exchange. Metonym for the financial markets of the United States.

Much to say about. But everything pretty well summarized by Wikipedia.

For the record, it is not that exciting to be there.

Wall Street


Wall Street

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statue of liberty

Visiting New York definitely implies taking the ferry and go to see Lady Liberty. Built 125 years ago, it symbolizes Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom, who bears a torch and a tablet evoking the law upon which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence. A broken chain lies at her feet. The statue has become an icon of freedom and of the United States.

With an average of about 10,000 people coming to Liberty Island per day, you should order your tickets online in advance. This saves you about 1-2 hours of waiting.

Having a first look at the Statue of Liberty

Ferry to Liberty Island

Approaching Liberty Island

Statue of Liberty (93m, 204 tons)

Manhattan skyline as seen from Liberty Island

Statue of Liberty

Ferry back to Manhattan, stop at Ellis Island

Manhattan skyline


Sorry it took me so long to continue uploading pictures. If you like you can subscribe to my blog (on the right hand side). Then a short email will notify you immediately after new postings were uploaded.

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ground zero

Talking about skyscrapers, the most impressive one is yet to be completed:

One World Trade Center (1WTC)

Also known as Freedom Tower, this 541m building will occupy the location where the original 526m World Trade Center twin towers once stood. It will become the tallest building in the United States and is expected to be completed by 2014. With more than 3,000 workers being employed daily on site, much progress has already been achieved since 2006.

One World Trade Center - work in progress

Liberty - West

Sunset at Freedom Tower

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Most large cities possess maybe a dozen skyscrapers. As of August 2008, New York City featured 5,538 highrise buildings, with fifty completed skyscrapers taller than 656 feet (200 m). This is more than any other city in United States, and second in the world, behind Hong Kong.

However, it is precisely for their number and size that you can hardly photograph them. Especially with a rather convenient camera and not much time.

Skyline of Manhattan as seen from New Jersey

Empire State Building (est. 1931, 381m)

Standing right in front of Empire State Building

Rockefeller Center (est. 1939, 260m)

Crysler Building (est. 1930, 320m) and other skyscraper

Flatiron Building (est. 1902, 87m)

Skyline as seen from Statue of Liberty

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times square

Just a few blocks from Central Park, there is New York’s major commercial intersection. Being renamed in 1904 after The New York Times moved its headquarters to the newly erected Times Building, the place is one of the iconic symbols of both New York and the USA in general. Without any further discussion, it is a stunning location with lots of stories to tell. However, for one thing, all this has been summarized e.g. on wikipedia, and for another thing, Las Vegas is still more impressive.

Thus, I leave you with a couple of my own pictures and a short 360° HD video.

Famous Broadway Ave

Times Square at daytime

Broadway at night

As pictures can hardly describe Times Square at night, I took a brief video:


Like everywhere else in the US, contrasts are sharp. Just one stone’s throw from the most central point of Times Square, you enter a completely different environment. One without all the glittery sham.

rundown house some thirty meters from Times Square

People over here work desperately to make a living. Even at 2am this vendor tries to hawk some of his hours-old hotdogs and skewers.

Snackbar at night near Times Square

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central park

Located right in the center of Manhattan, Central Park is a 3.5 sqkm city-owned green space. On the internet, you can easily find impressive pictures. Here’s a bunch of my own shots:

Central Park - 1

Central Park - 2

Central Park - 3


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streets of nyc

Actually, it is hard to show the peculiarity of walking through Manhattan in plain 2D pictures. You really have to come and experience this concrete canyon by yourself. Among those things that can hardly be captured by pictures are the disgusting smell (thanks to snackbars and trash), the disastrous condition of infrastructure, and the sheer size of (everything in) Manhattan.

Streets of Manhattan - 1

Streets of Manhattan - 2

Streets of Manhattan - 3

Streets of Manhattan - 4

A snackbar that can be found at every corner

Some road signs near Ground Zero

3rd Ave at night with some smoke coming from subway

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nyc hotels

Accommodation in Manhattan is not what you would call a bargain. Thanks to longstanding government intervention, available places are scarce. Thus rents and house prices are awfully high. At least we found some nice lodgings for $80-100 a night.

Courtyard New York Manhattan/Midtown East at night

Looking down not recommended for those suffering from vertigo

The Waldorf Astoria

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