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berlin to zurich

Certainly a good decision to choose Swiss International for the trip to Berlin. The airline’s service is outstanding, its punctuality notorious, and its prices (sometimes) not much higher than what its rivals charge. Besides, you get a piece of Swiss chocolate on each flight.

Here is a bunch of pictures I took on my way back to Zurich:

SWISS Airbus A319

Inside the airplane

Superb combination: beer above the clouds

Aerial perspective while approaching Switzerland


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As promised yesterday, here are some further impressions from Germany’s capital:

Strasse des 17. Juni, commemorating the uprising of East Berliners on 17 June 1953

Waiting for the city train

Some random bicycle

Pint of Guinness in a bar

Window meets art

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sights of berlin

It has been a while since my last blog entry, mainly because I spent a few days in Germany’s capital city Berlin to visit friends. Truth be told, the city is great. But it is quite different from what I expected Berlin to be.

  • First, it is not as ‘alternative’ as you might think. Yes, it is multicultural and cosmopolitan – especially young Spaniards have found a new place of residence here. But overall, Berlin is not all too different from other German cities.
  • Which directly leads to my second point: Berlin is not that cheap any more. Rents have increased rather drastically and most other things cost about the same as in other parts of Germany.
  • Third, Berlin’s citizens are not particularly impolite. Quite on the contrary, I have not met so many nice people in a city since my last visit to Munich. All in all, a very exhilarating experience to see that things can actually be better than expected.

To provide you with some impressions, I took a whole bunch of pictures. We start today with some of Berlin’s famous sights.

Brandenburg Gate, one of Germany's most well-known landmarks

Reichstag, meeting place of the Bundestag, Germany's parliament

Bundeskanzleramt, home of Chancellor Angela Merkel

Bellevue Palace, official residence of the President of Germany

Fernsehturm, Berlin's 368m TV tower, build in the 1960s by the GDR

Fernsehturm at night, seen from the Museum Island

Holocaust Memorial, 2'711 concrete slabs, inaugurated in 2005


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