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Judge Andrew Napolitano reminds us of the failure of the 2010 Tea Party movement:

Government is not a jobs program and government is not your caretaker. Government is an arrangement made by free individuals to protect their rights and their property. And it does not take $3.6 trillion a year to do that effectively in America today.

We must swallow the bitter pill of austerity now on our own terms, while we are still the undisputed leader of the free world and while we still have a Constitution.

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Without making a great stir, President Obama celebrated the third anniversary of his 2008 election success. Despite the fact that he inherited a mess from George W. Bush, one might offer a first summary. What has he done in the first three years, what has he achieved, and especially who is better off now?

The other day, Judge Andrew Napolitano raised exactly this question for Freedom Watch:

Only he is better off.

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Although almost everyone knows about the dubious quality of FOX News, it currently broadcasts one of America’s best TV shows: Freedom Watch. This week, once again Judge Andrew Napolitano gave a brilliant statement on what the U.S. Constitution means, why it is important, and how it is ignored by politicians from Bush to Obama:

Freedom must look very different from inside the White House than from outside.

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Ten years after 9/11, Judge Andrew Napolitano poses some questions:

What have we learned, America?

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Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses the (non-)sense of another stimulus package:

When government takes takes tax dollars or borrowed dollars, it removes them from the reach of investors. Instead of going to where those dollars will produce the most wealth, they go where they will generate the most votes.

This statement points out precisely the problem with government stimulus packages: When an investor takes, say, $10 million to construct a new building, he will hire those companies that do the job most efficiently. However, the government will hire companies that “create” the most jobs; which is to say the most inefficient companies.

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After 125 posts it took me about a fortnight to write this new posting. Meanwhile, I thought about broadening the subjects this blog deals with. Future postings will again cover many topics in economics and politics but also discuss various other issues.

To begin with, I’d like to share this great video by Judge Andrew Napolitano who worries about the ongoing disregard for the U.S. Constitution:

If the Constitution means what it says, it compels freedom and openness, and restrains the government, and compels it to obey its own laws. If its provisions are not upheld when they pinch as well as when they comfort, what is the sense of having a constitution in the first place?

Sadly, much of what President Obama has done during his presidency is not covered, not allowed by the Constitution. But even more disconcerting is the fact that hardly anyone bothers about the ongoing disregard for the supreme law of the land.

You might be in favor of public health care or the war on Libya. But even if so, you should not underestimate the importance of the Constitution. It is this very document that guarantees your fundamental rights. If the Constitution is ignored for public health care or the war on Libya, what guarantee do you have that the government will respect your personal rights prescribed in the Constitution?

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About a year ago, Judge Andrew Napolitano gave a brilliant lecture on constitutional law at the Mises University.

In his speech he raises several important questions and answers them with regard to the U.S. Constitution:

Where does your right to think as you wish come from?

How did we get this way, how did we get a government which can only pay lip service to the Constitution?

Where in the Constitution is the Federal Government authorized to manage health care?

The latter was brought to Congressman James E. Clyburn who answered:

Most of what we do, Judge, most of what we do down here is not authorized by the Constitution.

Well, Napolitano expands on this telling statement:

When the Mustang Ranch in Nevada was taken over by the IRS for failure to pay income taxes and the government ran it, they bankrupted it […] and they ought to manage health care?!

How many ways are there to earn wealth? I can think of three. One is the inheritance model. […] The other is the economic model which is what most of us use. […] And the third is the intimidation model: Your money or your life? Which model does the government use?

You see, when you explain things like that people understand exactly what’s happening here.

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Just as democrats and republicans set up final meetings to raise the debt limit, Judge Andrew Napolitano explains the problem of federal debt. He also points out why any comprise will turn to be a rotten compromise:

What they don’t tell you is that ‘significant cuts’ means reductions in increases in spending, not cuts in actual spending.

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The fundamental problem of governmental intervention is that it is based on coercion and it does not face any competition. Andrew Napolitano expands on that in yet another brilliant statement.

This is the problem with government. It can’t compete. It doesn’t produce wealth. It only consumes wealth. We can’t escape it. And the government knows that.

If the government had to perform in order to merit, to deserve our tax dollars and our fidelity, it would collapse. And if we had the right to reject it and purchase the so-called services it offers from other sources, it would go out of business.

And he concludes with the famous quotation from Thomas Jefferson:

When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. But when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

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This is my 100th post and I just wanted to express gratitude to all readers and commentators. I am looking forward to continuing writing and discussing. If you like to read about certain topics, just let me know.

For today, I just have a short video on U.S. history. Judge Andrew Napolitano again points out the importance of the U.S. constitution.

President Obama claimed the power to punish people even after a jury has found themĀ not guilty.

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