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When reading Jeremy Clarkson’s latest book Round the Bend, the last thing you might expect is to learn something about economics. But you do. Because instead of reviewing the Audi A4, Clarkson talks about how capitalism benefits the consumers.

Because McDonald’s and Burger King offer tasty snacks in every town in the world, anyone selling inferior burgers made from stale bread and dead horses will go out of business extremely quickly.

That’s the core of capitalism. ‘Better’ will always win the day. And it doesn’t matter what form ‘better’ takes. Better can mean cheaper, more convenient, nicer, prettier, more tasty, more healthy. […] Because the bosses of the giant corporations know this, they strive constantly to make what they sell better, and that’s brilliant for you and me.

When was the last time you had a faulty cigarette? When was the last time your plane crashed? When did you last take a strawberry back to the supermarket because it was all covered in slime? It’s not governments or best-before dates or health and safety that is doing this; it’s capitalism.


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