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About a year ago, Judge Andrew Napolitano gave a brilliant lecture on constitutional law at the Mises University.

In his speech he raises several important questions and answers them with regard to the U.S. Constitution:

Where does your right to think as you wish come from?

How did we get this way, how did we get a government which can only pay lip service to the Constitution?

Where in the Constitution is the Federal Government authorized to manage health care?

The latter was brought to Congressman James E. Clyburn who answered:

Most of what we do, Judge, most of what we do down here is not authorized by the Constitution.

Well, Napolitano expands on this telling statement:

When the Mustang Ranch in Nevada was taken over by the IRS for failure to pay income taxes and the government ran it, they bankrupted it […] and they ought to manage health care?!

How many ways are there to earn wealth? I can think of three. One is the inheritance model. […] The other is the economic model which is what most of us use. […] And the third is the intimidation model: Your money or your life? Which model does the government use?

You see, when you explain things like that people understand exactly what’s happening here.

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