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Recently, two Huffington Post articles by Robin Koerner got a lot of attention. He brilliantly describes the dilemma American voters will face in 2012. While Obama has brought nothing but a more lobbyism, a new illegal war and an ever growing debt crisis, the field of potential GOP candidates is rather disappointing. Except for one candidate, all of them are in favor of war and special privileges for their sponsors.

Giving this dismals situation, Koerner suggests disappointed Democrats to become “Blue Republicans“.

Again, this isn’t an endorsement of the Republican party or a claim that the Republican record is better than the Democrat on any of the issues discussed in this article. (It isn’t.) It is not even a statement that Dr. Paul is some kind of panacea of American politics. Rather, it is to recognize simply that the one potential Presidential candidate who wishes to stop killing innocent people in foreign wars and stop transferring the wealth of poor and working Americans to the corporate elites happens to be — this time around — a Republican.

In a second article, he expands on the idea of blue republicans.

Perhaps, then, the cause of the excitement about the “Blue Republican” idea is two-fold. First, the term has caught people’s imaginations because it subverts the paradigm that brought us here. Second, the stakes are high. In fact, they are the very highest stakes of all.


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