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final remarks

So, what is left after a dozen postings on New York and Washington?

The simple answer is, a lot. There have been so many weird people, cars, buildings, people – it is impossible to capture all of them. Thus I just like to leave you with another bunch of photos that will shape the end of my second US trip. As I said before, it’s been an amazing experience and in case you’re looking for a memorable holiday – go for NYC and Washington!

Funny NY police car

And you wonder why NYC stinks abominably...?

NYC Subway - highlighting US infrastructure issues

No restorations, no electronic displays, just crap

In Manhattan and using a car

Some random road close to New Jersey

Sky Bar

Empire State at night


And finally, my absolute favorite sign in NYC.

Don't even think...


Hope you enjoyed reading texts and watching all the pictures. If so or if not, leave a comment, donate some money, or just enjoy your weekend!



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Definitely one of the most impressive places I’ve ever seen.

On the one hand, Arlington National Cemetery is a beautiful place with nice paths, trees, and a fantastic lawn. But on the other hand…well, it is a cemetery. One that is reminiscent of more than 300,000 dead US veterans. How can you like that?


Incredible number of tombstones

Small US flag with yet another row of tombstones


Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

Some bird sitting on a tombstone

Patriotism and Obelisk

Grassroot view

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