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Most large cities possess maybe a dozen skyscrapers. As of August 2008, New York City featured 5,538 highrise buildings, with fifty completed skyscrapers taller than 656 feet (200 m). This is more than any other city in United States, and second in the world, behind Hong Kong.

However, it is precisely for their number and size that you can hardly photograph them. Especially with a rather convenient camera and not much time.

Skyline of Manhattan as seen from New Jersey

Empire State Building (est. 1931, 381m)

Standing right in front of Empire State Building

Rockefeller Center (est. 1939, 260m)

Crysler Building (est. 1930, 320m) and other skyscraper

Flatiron Building (est. 1902, 87m)

Skyline as seen from Statue of Liberty


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