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times square

Just a few blocks from Central Park, there is New York’s major commercial intersection. Being renamed in 1904 after The New York Times moved its headquarters to the newly erected Times Building, the place is one of the iconic symbols of both New York and the USA in general. Without any further discussion, it is a stunning location with lots of stories to tell. However, for one thing, all this has been summarized e.g. on wikipedia, and for another thing, Las Vegas is still more impressive.

Thus, I leave you with a couple of my own pictures and a short 360° HD video.

Famous Broadway Ave

Times Square at daytime

Broadway at night

As pictures can hardly describe Times Square at night, I took a brief video:


Like everywhere else in the US, contrasts are sharp. Just one stone’s throw from the most central point of Times Square, you enter a completely different environment. One without all the glittery sham.

rundown house some thirty meters from Times Square

People over here work desperately to make a living. Even at 2am this vendor tries to hawk some of his hours-old hotdogs and skewers.

Snackbar at night near Times Square


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