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Being back in Switzerland, it’s time to recap my trip to the USA.

It’s been amazing, it’s been stunning, it’s been informative, it’s been amusing, it’s been interesting, it’s been surprising, it’s been cheap, it’s been expensive, it’s been delicious, it’s been stressful, it’s been sunny, it’s been blustery, it’s been hot, it’s been cold.

It’s been great.

Leaving St.Gallen early in the morning, the plane ride took me via Milan to JFK in New York City. Then, we grouped together and took the $45 cab to Manhattan. All this summarized in five pics and one video.

SBB train to Zurich Airport

HD-video showing takeoff at Zurich Airport:

Milan Airport

American Airlines - inside the plane

Cab drive to NY Manhattan

Approaching the skyline of Manhattan


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