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nyc preview

Due to the plethora of impressions and photos, I haven’t found time to select the best ones and comment on them. Thus, this is just a random collection of preview, iPhone-based pics. Much more will follow as soon as feasible. However, I can already state NYC as outstandingly breathtaking. Simply stunning wherever you are in Manhattan. Amazing diversity, humongous skyscrapers, great food, nice people, and lots of suberb shops.





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big apple


The view from my bed says it all…
Had an amazing first night with Italy Town and China Town, Vietnamese dinner, Empire State Building, and and and. Too many impressions for one day that began in tiny St.Gallen!

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back to the states

27.05.2011: Zurich – Milan – New York

30.05.2011: New York – Washington DC

03.06.2011: Washington DC – New York

06.06.2011: New York – Zurich


picture by

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spanish riots

Tens of thousands of young Spaniards are currently rallying against national politics. If you wonder why, here’s the answer in a nutshell:

Youth unemployment rates across Europe

The figure is taken from: Scarpetta et al. (2010)

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Some more hiking pics to bridge the time until NYC and DC impressions are about to come…


Swiss military...keep your head down!

Crossing the river via bridge

Crossing the river by foot

Crossing the river by foot...much more fun!

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It’s already three weeks since the U.S. (literally) celebrated the death of Osama bin Laden. Due to other tasks, I didn’t find the time to read a couple of magazines that piled up in my apartment. The best article I’ve found in them was written by Fareed Zakaria. He argues that May 1st marked a turning point for the war on terror.

When Terror Loses Its Grip

Hitler’s death marked the end of the Nazi challenge from Germany. And bin Laden’s death will mark the end of the global threat of al-Qaeda.

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Jesse Ventura has definitely led an amazing life: Slovak parents, member of the Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) of the US Navy, full-patch member of an outlaw motorcycle club in San Diego, professional wrestler, bodyguard for the Rolling Stones, Governor of Minnesota, actor, host of radio and TV talk shows, book author, and conspiracy theorist.

On Fox News Geraldo, he argues in favor of decriminalization of marijuana.

The simple thing is this: When you prohibit something, it doesn’t mean it is going away. It just means it is going to be run by criminals because it’s not above board. And the criminals eventually get so wealthy, they become more powerful than the government.

Personally, I have never understood why people are allowed free speech but at the same time denied the freedom of putting in their mouths whatever they like. As long as no one affects other people by smoking or drinking, I am fine with it. Besides, my personal impression is that the so-called food in the US is certainly causing more harm than marijuana…

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In one week, I will be on my way back to the US of A.

Pictures and stories will follow. Stay tuned.

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Recently, Fareed Zakaria presented a special edition of his Global Public Square (GPS) show.

Restoring the American Dream – Getting back to #1

As always, he talks with leading figures that share different opinions. In addition he also describes his ideas about what the American Dream is like for an Indian immigrant.

Everyone I knew was fascinated by the U.S., whether they admitted it or not. Politicians who denounced the country by day would go home in the evenings and plot to send their kids to college in “the States.”

If you wonder why I’m posting so much about the USA right now, well I’m just looking forward to May 27; the day I’ll return to the ‘Land of Liberty’.

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An amazing summary of two hundred years of economic growth, presented in just four minutes by Professor Hans Rosling:

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